Russell Westbrook traded to Celtics

Reportedly, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Boston Celtics have agreed to a megadeal. Reminiscent of the Kevin Garnett trade back in 2007, this leaves a number of wide open spots on the Celtics’ roster.

Sources say the trade will send Russell Westbrook to the Celtics for Boston’s PF Amir Johnson, PG Isaiah Thomas, C Kelly Olynyk, PG Terry Rozier, and finally SF Gerald Green. The Thunder are expected to soon announce players to be released.

The highly secretive talks were resurrected after a falling out a few months back. Sources close to the situation say the deal must still be approved by league offices before being official announced to the public, but the deal IS expected to go through without a hitch.

This deal provides a major upgrade to the PG position for the Celtics and the start of a great core starring Westbrook and of course, Al Horford — who the Celtics repeatedly refused to trade.

Unlike Westbrook, it was only a matter of time before this passed.

The deal likely came as a result of Westbrook’s increasingly disgruntled dealings with the Thunder ownership and their weak attempts at filling out the roster after the departure of Kevin Durant.

Westbrook’s 3 year deal from a few months back was clearly to help make it easier for the team to secure a worthwhile trade.

Sources also suggest the Thunder may be part of the NBA’s proposed international expanision. The team may be moved to Mexico City in 2018, for a week’s worth of food from a Tijuana taco truck.

Stay tuned to the DailyLeak for more updates.


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