Putin hands Bernie Sanders his first endorsement from a foreign head of state

bernie putin 2

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that to avoid the increasing divide between America and Russia on the issues Bernie Sanders must become president.

Taking a break from the situation in Syria, Putin found time to watch a replay of the democratic debate.

“The clear winner was Sanders. Clinton side-stepped the real issues while Sanders showed his willingness to embrace change. He would be the best choice from all candidates running,” the Russian President stated.

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday used RT to criticize the U.S. for failing in Syria and to voice his full support for Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who reportedly understood his own social and economic agenda.

“We support the socialist government of America,” Putin said. Continuing, “Any 4th grade history student knows Capitalism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his democrats are either idiots or purposely trying to destroy they own economy. And it’s my deep belief that any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the government will create a lawless situation which you can witness now in the other countries in the West.”

Putin stated that Sanders must win to reduce gun violence in America and achieve lasting peace between their two countries.

“When the state of Missouri deployed the National Guard to quell protests in Ferguson we were witness to American violence and destructiveness. Sanders, with his his experience, he can help them deal with their own extremists instead of creating new ones in Syria,” said Putin.

We will have to wait and see if the Senator from Vermont can capture the nomination and the presidency.




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