Back to the Future 4 “clearly in the works”

“Back To The Future” is coming soon to a theater near you. Robert Zemeckis, director and original Back to the Future is reportedly completely on board.

Christopher Lloyd said he would ‘love‘ to return to the trilogy that made him into a famous time-traveling scientist.  That would undoubtably be difficult given Lloyd’s current age of 77. Michael J. Fox is also 54, but both could possibly serve as mentors to a new set of younger actors.

Studio executives have been bombarding all three for some time about a full 3 film reboot. The success of Universal’s “Jurassic World” had reminded that the people who once pined after these original films are now a bit older, have a bit more money, and are desperate for the nostalgia of their youth.

“It’s making them insane that we don’t want to do another ‘Back to the Future,’,” Zemeckis said. His reason? He knows that a reboot would open big, but that’s all they care about.

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