Eagles trade for Kam Chancellor

A worry Seattle Seahawks fans have long been dreading finally came to fruition this morning. Anonymous sources the Seahawks sent SS Kam Chancellor to the Eagles for Center Jason Kelce and a 4th round pick.

This move should help both teams solidify struggling parts of their respective squads. The Eagles secondary has given up too many big plays in the first two games of the season and the Seahawks have been struggling mightily in pass protection. Seahawks Drew Nowak may shift over to original position at defensive tackle. We could also see Malcom Jenkins move to his cornerback.

“There’s been a lot of speculation regarding Chancellor being traded for the last few weeks,” an anonymous source stated. “The Seahawks and Kam Chancellor’s agent were simply to far apart on contract numbers.”

Chancellor has shown little regard for fans on Twitter, blocking every fan who comments on his contract negotiations.

With Kam Chancellor coming back late in the season season there are some worries about him being in game shape, as well as his ability to quickly learn and help to improve the Eagles defense. Head coach Chip Kelly will have to grease the wheels to put the 0-2 team in serious playoff contention in the NFC East. Given the unfortunate injuries to Dez Bryant and Tony Romo overtaking the 2-0 Cowboys is looking a tad easier.

In response Chancellor reportedly deleted his Twitter account then stomped his feet, flailed his arms around wildly, and threw a massive tantrum. Earl Thomas tried to get Kam to hug it out but Kam pushed him away.


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