Stan Lee reportedly visited in hospital by mysterious figure

Stan Lee, long-time clairvoyant concerning everything in the Marvel universe, was hospitalized late Monday night after a long night on the set of Captain America: Civil War.

Lee had been discussing the finer points of freedom, liberty, and true heroism with none other than Steve Rogers, or Captain America himself. Suddenly a flash! A bolt of lightning ripped out of the sky hitting him abruptly. Bang! The strike bounced off Lee and struck a container marked “Hazardous” releasing a burst of gamma radiation. This left the pugnacious Lee temporarily paralyzed. Why the actors were left on set in such precarious circumstances we may never know.

Rogers quickly jumped into action and stopped Lee’s fall by catching Lee on his shield before he could hit the ground. An ambulance quickly arrived on scene and Rogers placed Lee into the back. In Rogers report he stated Lee had quietly moaned, “Excelsior!” before he shut the ambulance door.

At the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia the enigmatic provocateur was placed into a containment unit in order to protect family, friends, and hospital workers from being exposed to any radiation. Although visitors were allowed into the late night their movements and interactions were strictly monitored.

Around 2AM Lee insisted he be left alone for the night so he could get some rest. Reports show shortly thereafter, at around 3AM, a female figure with blonde hair, dressed in provocatively red attire appeared on the East wing of the hospital. She appeared not far from where Lee had been sleeping and appeared to be setting fires indiscriminately. Was she manifesting fire out of thin air?

The figure made her way to Lee’s containment unit where she, possibly with the help of another, mysteriously moved from the hallway into Lee’s room without even opening a door. While there she administered a vial to the sleeping patient.

An anonymous tipster called in at 6AM saying Lee would be visited by an Assassin known as Candra. However, it was too late. The deed had been done. It was too late to upgrade security. The local police and fire department had been too busy getting citizens to safety and putting out the growing fire.

Lee woke up the next morning appearing fresh and considerably younger looking, albeit with a bit of a green hue, almost as if he’d been granted a new lease on life.

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